Where do you shoot?
Seward, Alaska and the surrounding Kenai Peninsula: Girdwood, Kenai, Homer, Soldotna, Anchorage, etc. I do travel but if you live here you know about the cost of fuel, so there's travel fee starts at $100 to get me there and back again. This varies depending on the area I am traveling to! I can get you a personalized quote when you book. I also shoot in Central Montana when I'm back in that area visiting the family ranch. 
Do you have a travel fee?
My travel fee starts at $150, but if you live here you know Alaska is a great big state where the nearest town is sometimes three hours away and sometimes only available by plane or boat. Travel fees vary depending on location & time of year, because I wouldn't want to charge someone in Ketchikan the same as someone in Soldotna. 
How can you shoot in Alaska and Montana?
I'm originally from Montana and frequently am back for visits! I love to spend that some of that time taking photos of the beautiful people in such a stellar state. Keep in mind I live full time in Seward now, so if our schedules match, great! If not, I'll catch you next time, unless you want to pay for my ticket & that is totally discussable. More tickets & more travel = more happy for me.
What kind of experience do you offer?
I am annoyingly positive people pleaser. Being the youngest of six siblings and working as a server has totally done this to me. I'm always trying to make the best out of every situation. Rain or shine. If you're ready to laugh, feel confident & talk about real life with me, I'm your girl! Sometimes we'll have a dance party & jam. Some days we'll climb a mountain. Some times we'll chill on the beach & watch the golden light take over the evening. Every experience with me is a little different depending on the kind of shoot you want!
How much do you charge?
Go down here and this has own own section! Remember this is just a baseline package. All things can be tweaked or altered, based on your needs! No two couples, weddings or families are the exact same. Let me know your needs and we'll work together to craft something you love!  ​​​​​​
What do you charge for taxes?
Alaska is such a sneaky devil when it comes to taxes, guys! Every county (here they adorably are called borough) decides how much they charge for tax. So every single place is different. For example Seward City Sales Tax is 4% and the borough tax is 3% for a total of 7%. But if you're outside of city limits, it's only 3% and if you're shooting in the next county, there's none!  This is also why some bars are open until 5 a.m. in some places and other places alcohol is illegal. It's crazy to get used to, but for this reason taxes are not included prices and are based solely on location. 
What do I wear!?
Wear something that makes you feel confident and that you LOVE! The color that makes your eyes pop & the outfit that your friends always compliment you on. If there are a few of you, keep in mind coordinated, but not matching is best. Blacks, tans, neutrals and adding pops of color (my favs are maroon, yellow, teal) are my usual go tos. Feel free to send me some pictures of what you're thinking & I can always help! You can always bring some extras to the shoot & we can try a few different outfits too. Don't let it worry you too much, lovelies! Your face is what makes a photo great.
Every couple, wedding, event & family is totally different, so this is just a place to start. 
Do you want more hours? Fewer photos? To take off in a helicopter and land where few have ever touched their feet? To boat off to your own private island for the ceremony?  
Let me know you're wishes! 
I'll  find a way to make it happen for you. Let's brainstorm & create together making the perfect day filled with all the things you love.
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