Ya know what I love? Casual reminders that the world is really so tiny & that we're all connected somehow. That's what this couple did for me! They contacted me about coming up for a small elopement in September right when life starts to slow down up here - so their timing was perfect. 
After our first planning phone call, I learned how Erik is from Montana, 45 miles from where I grew up in fact. He knew a handful of kids I went to school with & his sister and I chatted about the Oxen Yolk bar in Utica - the even tinier town where my mom grew up with the best burgers, strong drinks & perfect Montana atmosphere! It was so nice to have the gift of home here in Seward. And Meg grew up in Bemidji, Minnesota and knew my college friends from the area. Ahhh! Coincidence? Fate? A little bit of both? I'm happy to take it for whatever it is! 
They wanted something simple inviting only a few family members to celebrate with them. Meg took every piece of advice I gave her, from photo spots to time of ceremony. (Thank you, thank you for being so go with the flow!) The result of their laid back attitudes couldn't have worked better. The day was incredibly sunshiny & amazing - from the happy kids to the even happier couple. They even gifted Erik's sister some time with me as a thank you for everything they did to make the day happen. How SWEET is that!? S0 this gallery has a few more family only photos in it - which I know you'll enjoy. 
Congrats to these two & thank you for a reminder that is this world is full of incredible people that we're all connected to somehow if you just remember to look for it. 
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