Is there anything better than an Alaska backyard wedding? This one included ALL the things. Homemade cupcakes, flower arrangements from friends, the biggest fire pit, fireweed blooming & handmade sheds. Fishing nets, family from all over the country, good food, happy humans & even seeds to plant as party favors!  The love and details that went into this thing were unreal.   These two were actually planning on getting married in December, but this came together so beautifully, I can't imagine what they would've accomplished with an extra six months of planning.
The day started a little cloudy, then a few drops sprinkled on us before the ceremony. But then all of a sudden the drops stopped and the sun popped of the clouds showing us the most beautiful light. This couple took on the day with such peaceful ease. Totally aligned with being in the moment and accepting it for what would be. But what made the whole day even better? Rhiannon smiling like there wasn't anything more amazing in the world than those moments. And Josh adoring every piece of her and their day together.  Plus there were a lot hugs (tight squeezes and some of the air variety), quite a few tears - only the good kind - and all the feels for making every single person there feel appreciated and loved. That's what weddings are for. So grateful to these guys moving theirs up and giving everyone a reason to celebrate! Lord knows we all need more of that this year!
I am so grateful to be their photographer and witness this love. Hope ya'll are ready to be friends forever! And for all the beautiful things I know coming your way. You deserve every bit of it. Thank you, thank you for letting me be apart of this day. It was beyond lovely.
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