These two beautiful individuals were my first wedding booked for 2020 and they have done something CRAZY. Their December wedding is now a July wedding! Instead postponing their wedding, they've moved in up! Corona has changed so many plans & instead of fighting it, these guys leaned in & went with it. Deciding they didn't want to wait any longer until they spend their lives as husband and wife. Which I support 100% & makes them even cooler in my book. Josh is also from Montana though, so he has some cool points stocked up.
They came down to Seward for weekend getaway which included long hikes, some work &, my favorite part, an engagement shoot! They brought their sweet, very excitable pup & we met at 9 p.m. for a couple perfect hours of light. Alaska is so rad in that way - you get all day this time of year to accomplish it all! We started at a new location I’ve been eyeballing for a while, to take advantage of the calm day and perfect mountain reflections. And then worked our way to the beach! Where they played with the pup, danced and watched the last of the sunlight sink into mountains. It's safe to say we are all extra excited for their July wedding now! 
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