I walked into the most beautiful venue on Wasilla Lake on the sunniest July day to be greeted by the most wonderful, easy-going energy. Usually I walk into a wedding and can feel the tension from the planning process, but Tre'Shawn and Erica were calm, cool &, most importantly, excited.
They chose a very intimate group of relatives & friends to surround themselves with on this special day. And even with a large group of children to manage, this family made staying on time & keeping everyone happy look easy. Family helped make the food & cake & decorations and the result was stunning. 
They told me when we were planning that they most definitely wanted to make time for just the two of them - which I ADORE. I think it's so important to take some time to be 'just married' after you actually get married. We can get caught up in the momentum of the day and forget to stop to take a breathe to enjoy the beauty of it all. One of my favorite parts of the day was adventuring around the breathtaking property with a bottle of Dom Perignon never allowing their glasses to empty & capturing every moment of their intimate love & sweetest laughter post ceremony. 
My next favorite was that the entire wedding party matched the color scheme that Erica requested. Every single one of them. Such a treat to photograph for the family & group photos! This is me formally requesting all wedding guests do this from now on. Please and thank you. 
Thank you to the whole family for making me feel incredibly welcome. Especially Tre & Erica - I honestly felt like you were just a few of my close friends getting married and being so honored to hang out with them during such a special, relaxed day. You guys are the best & I only see many more perfect days just like this one in your life together.
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