The sweetest of Seward days was made even sweeter with an early morning elopement. The forecast called for rain all week long, but we woke up to the coolest surprise - 75 & sunny. 
These guys planned the day perfectly. An early morning ceremony so they could spend the day celebrating & driving across the peninsula for their honeymoon. During low tide so they could say their vows on the rocks & we could get amazing photos only available during a small window of the day. With only three guests attending plus their sweet, stick-loving pup.  A strawberry-rhubarb wedding cheesecake, sourced and baked locally. A flower crown of perfection plus beach sandals. And most importantly, an overwhelming love that radiated to all around them.
I met Zach & Kait earlier this summer and can honestly say, the way they talk about each other & interact is the kind of love everyone strives for in their lives. They were initially supposed to have their wedding in Colorado, but as 2020 goes, plans changed. Thanks to another COVID cancellation, I lucked out to not only go to photograph another day of love, but also got to sign the papers & witness! These amazing human's easy-going attitudes definitely didn't let any "supposed to" or "should haves" impact their day. If you were to ask me, I would say that's probably what brought the sunshine.  But even if it would have poured, I don't think anything could have dampened this day for them. 
Thank you for letting me be apart of your impromptu plans, steal you away to some spots I've been dreaming about photographing for months & thank you for trusting me to capture this day. I can't wait to see where you two are in five years - this is an incredibly special love that I know will only get better in time. 
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